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Electric fans are an excellent way to stay cool during hot weather. Place them in front of open windows to draw in cooler air or create cross-ventilation by positioning them in doorways. Tower fans are space-saving and provide targeted airflow, ideal for small or crowded spaces. Their sleek design fits discreetly in corners, and oscillation ensures even air distribution. Many models offer multiple speed settings, timers, and remote controls for convenient cooling. Alternatively, desk fans are a popular choice for personal spaces such as home offices, ensuring direct cool air when and where you need it. Look out for features such as low noise, 2-in-1 air purifying fans and wireless options. We also stock several smart fans that can be controlled via smartphone, remote control or voice control systems.

Black Bronx Pedestal Fan (M46211) | £58
Grey Malvern Pedestal Fan (C53476) | £58
Black Bronx Desk Fan (C92785) | £35
Princess Smart Cooling Tower Fan (U31832) | £99
Chrome Pedestal Fan (587477) | £58
Princess Bladeless Fan (T78631) | £99
Silentnight White Home Electrics Airmax 3400 Oscillating Tower Fan (E05509) | £44
Cream Malvern Pedestal Fan (N57416) | £58
Grey Fan (897305) | £38
Chrome Desk Fan (527818) | £35
Black & Decker White 16 Inch High Velocity Power Stand Fan (227339) | £70
Grey Malvern Desk Fan (N57417) | £35